10 Ways My Life Changed When I Got Serious About My Yoga Practice

noticed major shifts when I got serious about my yoga practice. Once I committed to my practice, I starting going to hot yoga 1hr/day and it has truly transformed me…both inside and out. Here are a list of the major shifts, but I am confident there are many more!

1 .My appetite has decreased.

Counter intuitive, right? Usually when I start doing more activities my appetite increases. I can put away some major food! Funny thing, ...

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Running: A Moving Meditation

When you hear “meditate”, what do you think of? Monks sitting around in a room chanting “OM”? Yogis sitting twisted up like pretzels?

Several months ago I went to a group meditation at a local center. I assumed someone would be leading a guided meditation. Boy, was I wrong. I sat down and the meditation leader said, “Alright 40 minute meditation ...

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Learning to listen to your body

I was so very excited this fall as I had 3 marathons slated and would be qualified to get into the “Marathon Maniacs” club. I knew it would be tough to stay focused, but I had the determination. Going into Chicago Marathon on October 11, I actually felt more fresh than the Air Force Marathon, just 3 weeks earlier. However, recovering from that race and the stress of the new puppy has taken a toll on my body. I have recently ...

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