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30 Days of Yoga or Running Challenge

Starting a new year is always a good time to reevaluate your physical and spiritual self. I thought I would create a challenge to address both of those needs. This isn’t a weight-loss challenge, but chances are you will lose some weight, both physical and emotional weight. During the challenge, you will find that by dumping the emotional “weight” you will allow yourself to dump the physical weight.  

30 Days of Yoga or Running Challenge

I challenge you for 30 days to either do 20 minutes of running and/or yoga every single day. It doesn’t matter which you choose. You can do 15 days of running and 15 days of yoga or 10 days of yoga and 20 days of running. This isn’t a weight loss challenge. It’s a mindfulness challenge. Please don’t go through your run or yoga practice hating every moment and going through a laundry list of things you need finish that day. Really be present. Focus on your breath and feel all the sensations in your body. Do some of my previous posted meditations while your running/walking, feel the energy moving through your body, and be grateful for the present moment. Also, be sure to check back and let us know how you’re doing!

I promise after this 30 day challenge you will feel amazing, both inside AND out.

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Be The Change.

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