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How to Live More Aligned with Your True Spirit

Have you ever wondered how to live life most aligned with your true spirit and serve your souls purpose? As kids, it comes so natural to do what makes our spirit happy. Over time this innate sense of spirit gets clouded. Well-intending parents, teachers, and other adults tell us what we “should do”, “how we should play”, and where we “should work”.  Slowly, there is a silencing that happens, as we are taught to do what society expects of us rather then what our souls are urging us to pursue. It’s like a slow suffocation.

As adults, instead of pursuing our dreams and passions…we have trudged through college or university, choosing a career that will allow us to “make a good living”. By now, it’s likely, we are so accustomed to ignoring our soul, that it’s barely speaking to us. It may be barely a whisper if heard at all. This isn’t permanent… it’s never to late to change  and start hearing your inner spirit.

When you start to filter out what isn’t feeding your soul/spirit, you will naturally be more aligned with your soul’s path.

I believe the first step in aligning with your souls purpose, is to filter out what is really feeding your soul/spirit and what is draining it. Below is exact list of questions I asked myself when I wanted to filter out what was serving my soul and what wasn’t.

  • Why am I involved in this commitment/activity/job ?
  • Does this commitment/activity/job  make my heart full?
  • Who am I doing this for? Is it about me or someone else?
  • When I go to this commitment/activity/job do I come home feel drained?
  • When I have this commitment/activity/job, do I look forward to it?

I am not giving you an “answer key” to these, because I believe the key is within yourself. Typically, for me, something that fills my spirit feels peaceful in my gut and something not soul aligned feels like a twisted knot in my belly. It may be the same for you or it may not.

Let your body guide you, but often any sort of tension in your body in resistance and an answer of “no”. “Yes” often feels peaceful and calm in the body. It’s amazing that once we are present and mindful, our bodies will give us the answers we are seeking.

At this moment in my life, there is very rarely something I do that my soul isn’t gitty about. I truly can say every activity I do fills my spirit. I truly LOVE running, so I run. I LOVE playing tennis and doing yoga, so do yoga and play tennis. Sometimes my soul craves writing, so I will write. If I don’t feel running one day…I don’t. It’s simple. Perhaps, someone else finds painting or rollerskating makes their spirit shine.

Granted, there may be times you have to do a task that you REALLY don’t want to do, but perhaps instead of dreading it- try to practice gratitude. This practice of gratitude can get you through the mundane tasks and perhaps you may even start to enjoy them!

It doesn’t matter what you do. Just do what soul is craving and what makes your spirit sing.

Just imagine a world where more people lived day-to-day according to what their heart intended, rather than what they think they should do. I believe we would have a lot less stressed, anxious, and irritable human beings.

It’s living and doing activities that allow us to be present at that moment, which is very often what we are passionate about.

Remember you don’t have to make huge overhauls in your life in one day. Maybe you found after evaluating your commitments, that not ONE fills your soul. Start by adding one thing…ANYTHING that you love and makes your spirit sing.

I would love to hear how you do with this! Please feel free to comment below!

Until Next Time…Be the Change.

~ Brooke


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