Run towards your true self: Embracing authenticity while chasing your goals

New Year, New Look!

You may have noticed my blog has taken on a new look AND a slightly new direction. I kept having a nagging feeling that the content and focus of my writing wasn’t what I REALLY wanted to put out. It didn’t feel, well, how would I call it….authentic.

I felt like I was only giving a slice of myself, my love for running and yoga, but not sharing a REALLY big piece of life…my quest to follow my passion and live true to my inner spirit.

This soul urge became so loud that I could no longer deny it.

I will still be writing about running and yoga, however, I will be sprinkling in quite a bit about mindful living and listening to your inner spirit. In addition, my run coaching, reiki, and yoga services will also still be available.

I am so excited to have you on this journey with me & am excited to see what is unfolding!

Until next time…Be the Change.

~ Brooke

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