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Want to start heart rate training, but don’t know where to start? Here a some tips to get you started:

It’s hard to know where to start when it comes to heart rate training. What zone do I need to be in? What’s the best way to monitor my heart rate while I’m running? Here are my tips on getting started heart rate training!

  1. Invest in a heart rate monitor (at the very least). Notice I did not say, “a garmin” or “an apple watch”. You don’t need anything fancy. All you need to monitor is where your heart rate is and possible the time. Anything beyond that, would really be your wants…not a need.
  2. Calculate where your Max Aerobic Heart Rate (called MAF )should be using the 180 formula. You can find info on how to do that on my heart rate training page  Once you calculate your MAF, you should never go over this.
  3. Do a 3 mile test at a local track as a baseline. During this 3 miler, your heart rate should not go higher than your MAF.
  4. Optional training journal (but I highly recommend) to help to identify patterns that may be having either a positive or negative impact on your HR:
    • your dietary intake to track your heart rate correlation in regard to your heart rate.
    • day-to-day training notes (days that you had high stress that may have impacted your HR or if you had a really good day)

That is it, friends! That’s all you need to get started in heart rate run training! Simple, right?

Makes you wonder why everyone isn’t doing it?!

Until next time…Be the change

~ Brooke


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