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Why Heart Rate Based Run Training?

I train strictly via Heart Rate based run training. It’s been about 20 years since I first began distance running (I ran sprints in high school for a year, but I don’t count that!) and I was not always an advocate of heart rate based training. Up until about 5 years ago, I trained according to my pace. I took nothing else into account…only my pace. I had a run […]

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Top 5 Tips To Get Back Your Running Motivation

It’s the beginning of March, which means Spring is just around the corner. The days are getting longer and warmer weather is soon on it’s way. It also means that many well intended New Years Resolutions have either tumbled long ago or may have whispers left only soon to be forgotten by the months end. Motivation can be a real struggle when it comes to running. It doesn’t matter who you […]

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Want to start heart rate training, but don’t know where to start? Here a some tips to get you started:

It’s hard to know where to start when it comes to heart rate training. What zone do I need to be in? What’s the best way to monitor my heart rate while I’m running? Here are my tips on getting started heart rate training! Invest in a heart rate monitor (at the very least). Notice I did not say, “a garmin” or “an apple watch”. You don’t need anything fancy. […]

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Learning to listen to your body

I was so very excited this fall as I had 3 marathons slated and would be qualified to get into the “Marathon Maniacs” club. I knew it would be tough to stay focused, but I had the determination. Going into Chicago Marathon on October 11, I actually felt more fresh than the Air Force Marathon, just 3 weeks earlier. However, recovering from that race and the stress of the new puppy […]

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