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My Experience Living as an Empath

What does it feel like to be an Empath?

If you are reading this you likely already know. You probably are one.

I have always been able to feel other emotions and feelings…I just was not always mindful of it. Growing up, when I got a denseness or uneasy feeling around someone, I used to think that person didn’t like me. Now I know I was just sensing their emotions on a deeper level. This much inner work and a heightened of self-awareness, which I didn’t develope until my early 30 yrs. Before that, there were times in my life when I felt like I couldn’t stand to be a place, but didn’t know why. Now I realize I was FEELING the energy in the environment and if it didn’t feel right I didn’t want to be there.

With time, came an awareness of what I was really feeling.

What exactly is an empath?

Empath is defined as “the ability to apprehend the emotional or mental state of another” This term has been thrown around quite a bit lately.

In my opinion, being empathic is when you are aware of and absorb others emotions or energy. This can happen in casual conversations, grocery stores, libraries, anywhere you have interaction with others. It can even happen while being at a distance, such as talking on the phone.

I think of an empath much like an extra staticy balloon. If a balloon rubs up against the carpet or couch it will probably pick up lint or hair. By the end of the day there is a bunch of little fuzz, hair, and lint stuck to the balloon-this may fall off eventually.

Our energy field or aura, is much like the static of the balloon.

When we interact with others, we may “pick up” others energy “lint”, which will fall off eventually, but may stick with us a bit. This happens to everyone, but empaths may or may not awareness of how this may feel and may be a little extra staticy.

What exactly does it “feel” like?

I have been able to “feel energy” for as long as I can remember, but I wasn’t always aware of what I was feeling. I knew, even as a child, that some people’s “vibes” different to me than others.

With my empathic sense, I get a deeper “feel” or “vibe” from each and every person I encounter. It’s like a wave that washes over me when I am speaking with or in contact with individuals.  Some individuals have a similar feel, but often this varies from person to person. For instance, if someone is in pain I feel sinking or a denseness when interacting with that person. If that individual is happy, I feel a lightness. I don’t usually try to interpret what I am sensing- I feel it is not my business what that individual has going on. I do try to separate what is my emotions and theirs.

I do believe that not all empaths “feel” energy the same way. Some may see the energy or vibe of the room in colors (a classmate of mine has this type of sensing).

After I became aware that what I was feeling wasn’t always mine, all the years struggling with anxiety, stress, and depression in my teens & early 20’s made so much sense. 

Sometimes it can be overwhelming to feel so much all the time. Think about it.  When you are able (which if you are reading this, I’m guessing you can) to feel the deeper emotional state of every single interaction throughout the day, it is absolutely exhausting. I have to be careful about where I go and who I surround myself with. I am more mindful now  and check in with how certain social gatherings make me feel. If I feel worse after, than before I went, then I know maybe that wasn’t the most high vibrational group to be with.
What energy clearing practices can you do to stay clear?
1. The first question I ask myself is , “is this mine or theirs”. Once I bring my awareness to the energy, there is usually a shift that happens, almost like a invisible separation. It’s almost like simply bringing my awareness to the fact that the energy isn’t mine shifts it back to it’s rightful owner.

2. Take an Epsom salt bath. Salt is great at detoxifying the physical and emotional body.

3. Say a prayer of protection when you start and end your day. This prayer can be any prayer that you choose such as the Our father or my personal Prayer of Protection: 

God, please surround me with love, light, and all  that is useful to me at this moment

Please return all energy that is not mine back to it’s owner.

I call back all the energy that belongs to me know.

4. Get into nature. One of the best strategies of clearing your energy, is to get out into nature. This is extremely grounding and calming.

5. Read my 7 must do self care tips to find out the self-care practices that are woven into my daily routine!

Until Next time….Be the Change~




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