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Relaxing into Your Emotions

roller-coaster-1209490_1920 (1)The other day, my son and I ventured on the scrambler at Kings Island. It was his first time and I could tell he was a bit apprehensive. He’s not much of a coaster rider.

As soon as the ride started, I could see the tension build in his body. He was gripping the bar with all his might and really “fighting” the feeling from the coaster.

When I noticed this, I told him, “You have to relax and go with it. Don’t fight it. Trust me.” As soon as he relaxed, his whole experience changed. The tension left and he had such an enjoyable, pleasant experience. It completly altered his perception of the roller coaster.

Have you ever tried to fight that feeling you get on a coaster? It’s completely changes the experience.

The emotions we feel on a day to day basis are like riding a roller coaster.

We experience pain, sadness, anxiety, and love all the time at any given moment. Often, many try to run from these emotions or “fight” them. Individuals will pop pills, drink, shop excessively (anything in excess) to mask to hide the emotion they may be feeling (disclaimer: sometimes pills are needed!) .

However, being mindful and present means accepting and working through these emotions.

If you simply align and allow the emotions to be present, they are a whole lot more tolerate-able to work through. Much like riding the roller coaster.

Allow the process to unfold.

Next time you are at an amusement part, be conscious of how you feel on the coaster. Do  you fight it? Or do you “go with the flow” and “allow”? Whichever one you do, try the opposite and see how different it feels.

Now try and apply this to your life. When you are confronted with an overwhelming emotion, notice how you feel. Are you trying to “fight” or “run” from it? If so, try and stay with it. Relax into the emotion and notice how it makes your body feel. Then simply, allow.

Until Next time~ Be the Change.


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