Run towards your true self: Embracing authenticity while chasing your goals

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Paying attention to signs

Signs and synchronicities. They are all around us. We often go through life ignoring them. Once you start to paying attention to the synchronicities, it’s astounding how many there are, just waiting for our attention. What are the significance of synchronicities? When I have a synchronicity happen in my life, I interpret it as a God wink. These signs serve as validation I am on the right path at that […]

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Relaxing into Your Emotions

The other day, my son and I ventured on the scrambler at Kings Island. It was his first time and I could tell he was a bit apprehensive. He’s not much of a coaster rider. As soon as the ride started, I could see the tension build in his body. He was gripping the bar with all his might and really “fighting” the feeling from the coaster. When I noticed […]

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