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Paying attention to signs

Signs and synchronicities.

They are all around us. We often go through life ignoring them. Once you start to paying attention to the synchronicities, it’s astounding how many there are, just waiting for our attention.

What are the significance of synchronicities?

When I have a synchronicity happen in my life, I interpret it as a God wink. These signs serve as validation I am on the right path at that moment or perhaps, I need to be paying attention to a certain event, person, place or thing.

What do these signs or synchronicities “look like”?

Often, repeating numbers, animals, thinking of a person and running into them are all common examples of synchronicities. Once I started paying attention and living my life more aligned with my soul’s true path, I started seeing 11:11 and 4:44 daily. In addition, cardinals were showing up all around me.

When will you notices these “signs” showing up in your life?

Paying attention to signs is something I wasn’t always keen to. However, in the last 5 years as I begin to be more aligned with my true spirit, I am paying more and more attention to synchronicities.

However, once in awhile, I question where I am going and what I am really doing here. We all do. This is normal.

One particular weekend about a year ago, ego was coming through loud and clear. I was on a trip to Tennessee for my son’s gymnastics meet. I was in Knoxville, TN and staying at a hotel next to a GIANT used book store. I stumbled upon The Alchemist, by Paulo Coelho, not the original…but the 25th anniversary edition. It was a beautiful copy. I was familiar with the book as I had listened to the audiobook before.

It’s about a shepherd trying to find his personal legend or purpose. I hesitated about buying it, but in the end decided for $4, it was worth it.

I returned home with The Alchemist only to have it sit on my nightstand for a week. All the while, I was still questioning myself and my life’s purpose. 

I was repeating negative thoughts such as, “Why am I starting this website anyways?”, “No one is even reading anything I am writing”, and “Why would anyone want to read what I am writing?”.The Alchemist  still sat on my nightstand untouched.

A few weeks later, I ventured in a nearby bookstore. Not something I do often (I usually shop online), but for some reason I felt drawn to go in.

I listened to the urge and lying on the front table was The AlchemistNot just any copy though. It was the exact anniversary edition I had just purchased in Tennessee.

This was my sign. A synchronicity. A God wink.

Call it what you want, but the universe/God/higher power was trying to get my attention. There was a message in that book I needed to hear. It was my sign to read the book. There were insecurities I was feeling that the character in the book had as well.

Sure enough, after a reading, I felt so much more at ease with my path. It validated that I don’t always need to know where I’m going.

There will be signs along the way. I just have to be in the present moment to notice them. I need to be present and watch for the signs and synchronicities which life presents.


Until next time~ be the change.


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