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Words And Thoughts Have Energy

Energy is all around us. Atoms, which are the smallest unit of matter, are energy and the building blocks of the chair you sit on, the computer your looking at, and the air you breath.

Did you, however, that both words and thoughts have energy as well?

These words and thoughts can have an impact on both our emotional and physical well-being. We’ve all had thoughts like “I’m not good enough”, “I’m not pretty enough”, or “I’m not smart enough”.

Perhaps we have even said ugly words towards others, but have you ever wonder what your negative or positive words or self talk actually “feel” like?


Here is a simple exercise you can perform at home to really “feel” just what effect those words and thoughts have on both yourself and others.

“Talk To The Hand”:

  1. In you right hand, say “loving words” such as, “love”, “I love you ” or “you are kind”, or “you are pretty”.
  2. In your left hand, say “hateful words” such as, “hate”,  “you are ugly”, or “you are mean”, or “you are horrible”.
  3. Hold your hands palms up in front of you. Compare how each feels. Does one feel heavier than the other? Lighter?
  4. Experiment with only using your thoughts. This would be an example of how your self talk makes you feel.
  5. Remember to “brush” your hands off in between each exercise.

There is no right or wrong answer, but typically, I find people report the “hateful” word hand feeling heavier than the “loving” word hand. If you repeatedly say hateful words or negative self talk to yourself or others than you may be causing a heaviness to occur in your body or someone else’s.

Overtime this could lead to chakra imbalances, dis-ease and other emotional or physical symptoms. It is so important to be mindful of your words and thoughts because remember, they have energy too!

~ Be the Change.


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