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There’s a Difference Between Giving Up and Letting Go

I was raised in a family that believed you should never quit anything. The no pain no gain mentality.

Unfortunately (and fortunately) this carried with me into adulthood.

If I start a project, training plan, relationship, or am employed at a job that isn’t working…I just stick it out, trudge through the muckiest of muck, and don’t quit. I would reach toward goals that maybe didn’t feel right and all while enduring A LOT of resistance along the way.

I tended to lose my sense of self in the process because I was so consumed with not giving up I lost focus of what I REALLY WANTED.

As I’ve gotten older, I learned there’s a difference between giving up and letting go. Sometimes it’s important to recognize you are swimming up stream in an environment that isn’t feeding your soul.

Perhaps, you’ve committed to running a marathon and the training is leading to injuries or maybe in a relationship that is hitting a dead end.

I’ve seen some so unwilling to quit (myself included), that they’ve ended up with hip fractures, shin splints that evolved to stress fractures and so on.

Quitting isn’t bad all the time.

Sometimes it’s okay to to redirect you energy and throw in the towel. Especially if you feel like you’re losing your sense of self in the process, fighting a losing battle or lost cause, or going against the grain.

When you are truly on your soul path, it should feel effortless and easy.

Not that there won’t be hard work, but it’s should lead to a barrier breakdown, not like you’re beating your head against a brick wall.

Next time you feel resistance, ask yourself- does this feed my soul or am I fighting a lost cause?

There’s a difference between letting go and giving up. Often, it takes letting go of what we think we want, to make space for what we don’t know we need.

~Be The Change.

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