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10 Ways My Life Changed When I Got Serious About My Yoga Practice

noticed major shifts when I got serious about my yoga practice. Once I committed to my practice, I starting going to hot yoga 1hr/day and it has truly transformed me…both inside and out. Here are a list of the major shifts, but I am confident there are many more!

1 .My appetite has decreased.

Counter intuitive, right? Usually when I start doing more activities my appetite increases. I can put away some major food! Funny thing, that since I became serious about yoga, my appetite has actually decreased. I attribute this to being more centered and calm, hence, I don’t engage in the emotional eating that I would typically do previously. I am more aligned with my true nature. I don’t feel the need to eat when I’m angry, bored, or depressed. Actually, I don’t feelthese this way as often either and if I do, I am able to work through them in other avenues.

2. I started seeing the numbers 11:11 or 4:44 daily.

I started seeing these numbers everywhere. I mean everywhere. When I looked up the meaning in Doreen Virtue’s Book Angel Number’s it states that 11:11 is all about manifesting  It’s a reminder to keep thoughts positive because they will manifest very quickly. As far as 4:44 goes, it is said to be a sign my angels are with and protecting me. Either way, I interpret these as validation that I am on my soul’s true path.

3. The toxic friends and relationships have fallen by the way side.

You know those friends I speaking of. The drama starters, the gossipers, all those people that drag you down instead of building you up. In case you wonder if you are around any of these, ask yourself this, “Have I ever left a social gathering with friends, feeling worse than when I got there?”. Chances are you may have been surrounded by friends that may be toxic and bringing you vibration down. My toxic friends seem to just fall away for some reason or another as I began to really dive into my yoga practice.

4. My tennis game improved.

Yes, you read it correctly. Doing yoga, helped my tennis game. I don’t mean in the fitness way…I mean in the mental way. I have always had people tell me to “get out of my head” while playing tennis. I never understood how to make the chatter stop and focus during my matches. The transformation in my game was like night and day. If I experienced that in my tennis, just think what else it was impacting that I didn’t even realize?

5. Synchronicities seem to be an everyday occurrence.

Synchronicities started happening in my life almost daily. I mean like weird stuff. I’ll be thinking of a friend I haven’t thought of in a while and then I’ll bump into them at the store. That will happen often. Synchronicities to me are a validation that I’m right where I need to be in regard to my soul’s intended journey.

6. My life seemed to flow effortlessly.

I can’t tell you how many times, things just seem to happen. There was no resistance. I don’t feel as if I was swimming up stream to make things happen, they flow effortlessly. I know that if they do feel hard and if I’m fighting a losing battle, than I am probably fighting the wrong one and need to shift my energies, which I do and it works.

7. I wasn’t sweating the small stuff.

Little things that used to bug me didn’t. I started to not even notice them. That person who cuts in line at the grocery store? I don’t sweat it. It used to get under my skin, but now it rolls right off.

8. I could say “no” to things I didn’t want to do and mean it.

I’ve always had a hard time saying no. If asked me to help out with something and I knew I had a lot on my plate, I would still say “yes”. That’s just what I would do. I always would feel awful and obligated to say “yes” to EVERYTHING. Yoga has helped me find my personal power and voice. This have given me the ability to say “NO” and mean it. Now, I say “yes” only when I truly can help and don’t feel like it’s putting a strain on myself and my family. Let me tell you – finding my voice to say “No” has been incredibly empowering.

9. Colors became more vivid.

The sunsets and sunrises just suddenly became more vivid and colorful. I mean brillant, beautiful colors of violet, orange, yellow, etc. I never noticed the spectrum before. Not one day goes by where I don’t look at the sky and think, “Wow! That is incredible!”. I even wondered how on earth have I not noticed the beauty for all my life? Is it possible, maybe the sunsets/ sunrises are getting more brillant, now? Hmm…I think not.

10. My wants and desires started fading away.

I no longer care about having the latest fashion or hottest purse. It doesn’t bother me if my toenails aren’t polished or my brows are perfectly waxed. I will go out in public without makeup (gasp!). I care less and less about superficial things and conversations. In addition, I actually find myself wanting to rid myself of much of what I have acquired over the years.

Before I got serious about my practice, I never truly understood just how yoga could transform one’s life. These shifts have happened in a fairly short time as well. I started really committed to my practice this past fall and the shifts started happening within a month. If you are mindful, you will notice shifts in your life too. I guarantee it. You don’t have to commit to a daily practice, even just 2-3 times a week can impact you. Let’s say right now you do 1 day/week, next week try 2 day/week. Set a intention and stick to it. Journal daily and be mindful of any changes you see.

Are you noticing any of the same shifts I list? Or maybe different ones? We are all on a different journey, so you shifts may be very different that mine. Please share you experience!

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~Be the Change

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