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Running: A Moving Meditation

When you hear “meditate”, what do you think of? Monks sitting around in a room chanting “OM”? Yogis sitting twisted up like pretzels?

Several months ago I went to a group meditation at a local center. I assumed someone would be leading a guided meditation. Boy, was I wrong. I sat down and the meditation leader said, “Alright 40 minute meditation starts now” and rang a bell. We sat in complete silence for 40 minutes. My mind went into monkey mind. I haven’t sat still for 4 minutes in my entire life let alone 40 minutes.

Compared to what my mind did in that meditation, I’m a whole lot more “still” when I am running. Ironic, don’t you think?  

You do not have to be pretzel twisted and chanting mantras for 40 minutes to consider it meditating.

Unless, I have done a ton of yoga, it’s hard for my mind to be still.

Any stillness of the mind is a meditation. Whether you get that gardening, playing tennis, running, reading, even cleaning house or working. It is about quieting the mind. If your are able be present, you ARE meditating. What helps one person be present may be very different for another.

Here’s a couple moving meditations that you can do while you are running, walking, hiking etc. They are especially effective in nature.

Divine Light Moving Meditation

  1. Picture a divine golden light coming down from the sky. A huge pillar of loving light.
  2. Your Crown opens and the light enters your skull. It fills your head, ears, and then your neck. As it pours into your body it melts any discomfort, pain, or sadness.
  3.  It continues to your chest, arms, hands, on down to your torso, and buttocks.
  4.  Finally it fills your thighs, knees, calves, and feet.
  5.  You can do this with any color your are incline to do. Try different ones and see what each feel like.

Grounding Moving Meditation

  1. Picture you are a strong oak tree.
  2. You have thick solid roots going down into the earth and soaking up all the nutrients and water from the soil. Feel that coming into your legs as you move.
  3. Your core is like a tree trunk is solid and thick.
  4.  Your arms are like the oak’s branches with beautiful leaves which soak up the brilliant sun.
  5. You can feel that warmth on your face and body. You are now grounded and connect to the divine/higher power/God.

Until Next Time…Be The Change.

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